Ahn Joon Young PD under suspicion of accepting drinking establishment services worth 100 million KRW from entertainment labels

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On November 9, media outlet ‘Newsis‘ revealed additional details regarding the police’s ongoing investigation into Ahn Joon Young PD’s vote rigging and broadcast manipulation accusations. 

Ahn Joon Young PD was arrested by police back on November 5 alongside 3 other individuals for charges of fraud, broadcast manipulations, accepting bribery, etc. According to ‘Newsis’, Ahn Joon Young PD began accepting bribes from entertainment agencies in regard to his ‘Produce‘ series since January of 2018 – approximately 5 months before the premiere of ‘Produce 48‘, and approximately 6 months after the end of ‘Produce 101‘ season 2. 

Police believe that the PD continuously received bribery in the form of drinking establishment services worth over several 100 million KRW (over ~ 86,000 USD), from January of 2018 until July of this year, when ‘Produce X 101’ came to an end. The PD’s drinking establishment services allegedly also included the presences of hostesses. 

Meanwhile, police are currently considering summoning contestants from ‘Produce X 101’ in order to carry out additional witness questionings. Stay tuned for updates on the the developing situation. 


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