BTS V proves he is immensely talented "from head to toe' in the recent Bangtan Bomb

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In the recent Bangtan Bomb entitled, “BTS’ sweet piano performance! Shall we listen to it together?’ Global Super Group BTS were seen at the House of BTS Pop Up store enjoying themselves with its many amenities, one of which, is the giant piano keyboard where each member took their turns in playing with.

The highlight of the video however, was BTS V’s impressive performance as he played the classic “Celebrated Chop Waltz” without fail- with his feet! 

BTS V skillfully ‘jumped’ on to each piano tile without skipping a note and without missing a beat! Fans were in awe how immensely talented he is that praises kept pouring in  for his musical ingenuity.

BTS V really loved the piano piece as he was often seen playing it in many occasions, especially when it was mentioned by Suga that he studied it for 8 years in RUN BTS episode 63-64, where it’s evident he has mastered it and also seen  playing the same piece in one of RM’s Vlives.

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