Bugs Music Shares Most Popular Artists, Songs, And Albums Of 2017

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Korean music site Bugs has revealed an insightful look at what music listeners have been enjoying this year!

On December 15, the site released several charts for the year, under the title “2017, the Music We Loved.”

Check out Bugs Music’s charts for this year below!

Most Loved Artists

IU was named as the artist who had been searched for the most in 2017.

SECHSKIES received the most “likes” during the year.

BTS received the most comments during 2017.

Top 10 Most Loved Songs

  1. Ailee — “I Will Go to You Like the First Snow” (“Goblin” OST)
  2. Bolbbalgan4 — “Tell Me You Love Me”
  3. IU — “Through the Night”
  4. Ed Sheeran — “Shape of You”
  5. Yoon Jong Shin — “Like It”
  6. Heize — “You, Clouds, Rain (featuring Shin Yong Jae)”
  7. Crush — “Beautiful” (“Goblin” OST)
  8. IU — “Palette (featuring G-Dragon)”
  9. WINNER — “Really Really”
  10. Akdong Musician — “Last Goodbye”

Top 10 Most Loved Albums

  1. Bolbbalgan4 — “Red Planet”
  2. IU — “Palette”
  3. Heize — “/// (You, Clouds, Rain)”
  4. PSY – “4×2=8”
  5. Akdong Musician — “Winter”
  7. “La La Land” OST
  8. Bolbbalgan4 — “Red Diary Page.1”
  9. Zion.T — “OO”
  10. Taeyeon — “My Voice”

Are you surprised by any of the rankings?

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