EU asylum applications fall to pre-2015 levels

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EU asylum applications fall to pre-2015 levels

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European Union states received 580,845 first-time asylum applications in 2018, about half the number received during the 2015 migrant crisis, the EU’s statistics agency reported Thursday.

The 2018 figure marks an 11 percent fall from 2017.

The number of pending asylum applications in the EU totalled 878,600 at the end of 2018, down slightly from 927,000 a year earlier.

The findings confirm a downward trend of people entering the EU through irregular crossings. The EU border and coast guard agency Frontex estimated around 150,000 people made this type of voyage in 2018, the lowest number in five years.

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The number of asylum applications drastically increased in 2015 and 2016, when conflicts in Syria and other Middle Eastern nations escalated and caused hundreds of thousands of people to flee.

At the peak of the migrant movements, the number of first-time asylum seekers in the EU exceeded 1.2 million. It was Europe’s biggest spike in migration since World War II.

The countries of origin for first-time asylum seekers in the EU in 2018 were:

  • Syria with 80,920 applications
  • Afghanistan 40,990 applications
  • Iraq 39,595 applications

Together, the three nations accounted for almost 30 percent of the total number of people claiming asylum in Europe in 2018.

Germany remains prime destination

In percentage terms, the migrants’ destinations in 2018 were:

  • Germany – 27.9 percent of migrants
  • France – 19 percent
  • Greece – 11.2 percent
  • Spain – 9.1 percent
  • Italy – 8.5 percent

Rome, which now has an anti-immigrant party sharing power in a coalition government, recorded the biggest drop in applications last year.

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