F.T. Island's Minhwan says it's hard to balance his son and pet dog

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F.T. Island’s Minhwan revealed it’s been difficult to balance his son and his pet dog.

On the August 14th episode of ‘Mr. House Husband‘, Minhwan, his mother, and Yulhee discussed how his dog Lotto reacts to his son Jjang. Minhwan’s mom expressed, “When Jjang comes up from the first floor, Lotto gets really excited, but Jjang pinches Lotto because he’s so cute. Now when Jjang comes over, Lotto runs into the room.”

Minhwan also took his dog of 15 years to the veterinarian, who diagnosed Lotto with a benign tumor. The F.T. Island member shared, “Lotto was our family’s cutie. After Jjang was born, he’s been second place, and I feel bad because I feel like he’s aging alone.”

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