Germany's Maas warns 'maximum pressure' won't help with Iran

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The EU, which has implored Iran to stand by commitments it made under the deal’s framework in 2015, is interested in dialogue as a means to keep the deal in place, according to Maas.

Maas said a collapse of the deal “would be a major setback in the fight against the proliferation of nuclear weapons.”

The dangers of ‘maximum pressure’

In recent weeks, verbal threats between Washington and Tehran have evolved into increased US accusations of malign Iranian behavior related to the alleged sabotage of Saudi Arabian oil tankers and unspecified threats against the US and its allies.

The US used those threats, for which it has offered no evidence, as a pretext to move warships, aircraft carriers and a bomber squadron into the region.

Maas warned that the US strategy was a dangerous one: “We do not believe the strategy of unilateral maximum pressure will help end the impasse. Maximum pressure always carries with it the threat of unintended escalation.”

Further, Maas said that in this current high-stakes situation a “spark” could very well set off a “wildfire” in the region.

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