“Hwayugi” Reveals Unique Character Posters For Lee Seung Gi, Lee Hong Ki, Oh Yeon Seo, And More

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tvN’s upcoming drama “Hwayugi” has unveiled some colorful character posters for its main cast, including Lee Seung Gi, Cha Seung Won, Oh Yeon Seo, and FTISLAND’s Lee Hong Ki.

“Hwayugi” is a modern reinterpretation of the classic novel “Journey to the West.” The newly released posters clearly depict each character’s individual personality traits, and the surreal vibe of the posters reflects the fantasy drama’s supernatural elements.

Lee Seung Gi will be playing the lead role of Son Oh Gong, a mischievous troublemaker who embarks on a journey to search for light in a dark world. His poster shows him dressed in a flashy patterned shirt and wearing a roguish smile, looking like the perfect embodiment of an “self-indulgent, impish demon who isn’t afraid to taken on even the divine Jade Emperor.”

The framed photo of a monkey in the background also hints at Son Oh Gong’s identity as a monkey demon who was born out of volcanic rock.

Cha Seung Won will play the character of Woo Ma Wang, “the refined, gentle demon who has been trying to achieve enlightenment for the past 1,000 years.” In the human world, Woo Ma Wang moonlights as Woo Hwi Chul, the head of Korea’s largest entertainment agency. His poster shows the actor wearing a stylish suit and looking both sophisticated and powerful as he confidently stares down the camera.

Oh Yeon Seo, the only woman among the five “Hwayugi” leads, will play Jin Seon Mi, a human who can see demons and evil spirits that other humans cannot. The caption describes her as a “woman who can tame Oh Gong with just one word,” hinting at the dynamic between the two characters. The actress looks elegant and poised in her poster, with a framed photo of a lotus flower representing her character’s beautiful and mysterious qualities.

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