ITZY sets the record as the fastest K-pop group to reach 20 million views

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ITZY is setting new records.

The girls hit over 5 million views in a 12-hour period, shattering the previous record as the previous record was around 5 million for a 24-hour period. The girls dropped their MV for “Dalla Dalla” at midnight KST on the 11th, earlier than their debut album release on the 12th at 6PM KST. The girls hit 4.55 million views at 11 AM KST, and then hit 5 million at 12:21 PM KST.

Additionally, in just 24 hours since its release, the MV garnered 14 million views – making ITZY the K-pop group with the highest views for a debut MV in the first 24 hours. 

Now, the girls set the record for being the K-pop group to reach 20 million views the fastest. If you haven’t checked out ITZY yet, you can do so here.


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