Jung Joon Young's lawyer and police officer suspected of hiding evidence for past hidden camera case

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Jung Joon Young’s lawyer and police officer are suspected of hiding evidence for his 2016 hidden camera case involving his ex-girlfriend.

On June 13, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Station’s Cyber Crime Division announced Lieutenant A of the Seoul Seongdong Police Station was forwarded to prosecution with the recommendation of indictment for abandoning his duties and falsifying documents. Jung Joon Young’s former lawyer B has also been forward to prosecution for being an accomplice in abandonment of duties and hiding evidence for the case.

According to reports, Lieutenant A did not confiscate Jung Joon Young’s cell phone as evidence when he was initially accused by his ex-girlfriend in August of 106, and lawyer B is suspected of planning on withholding the evidence with Lieutenant A and falsifying a report to police, which stated, “Jung Joon Young’s cellphone disappeared, so the data cannot be recovered.”

Lieutenant A is said to have suggested, “Instead of saying we left the phone with a digital forensics company, make things easier and say it was lost.” As previously reported, ‘A’ requested a digital forensics company write a confirmation letter stating the phone data could not be recovered, but his request was rejected. Though cell phone data can be recovered within 24 hours, Lieutenant A told his superiors the recovery would take 2-3 months. 

A police source also stated, “Sexual harassment cases usually take 3-4 months to be resolved, but this case took 17 days to be forwarded to prosecution. They didn’t look into the possibility of the footage being spread, which is what the victim feared. If the phone was confiscated at the time, the rest of the hidden camera suspicions would have also been investigated.” Police further stated they’re not aware why Lieutenant A suggested hiding the evidence, stating, “We didn’t discover any corrupt ties like bribery, and he said he wanted to wrap up the case quickly.”

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