Kendall Jenner Has a Genius Method for Swatching Lip Kit Colors While Wearing a Face Mask

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With the arrival of winter and the holidays rapidly approaching, it's officially the coziest time of the year. As we continue to stay warm under our fave blankets, Kendall Jenner has discovered another way of avoiding the cold : face masks and virtual Kylie Jenner Lip Kits.

The model shared her winter beauty routine on Instagram Stories, declaring that "no ones cozier," as she panned from a face mask selfie to a roaring fireplace. She then scrolls through a selection of Kylie's Instagram Lip Kit filters, writing, "it's all good tho cuz ky makes me look cute." Kendall's cute and cozy routine later continues, with Kendall taking us straight to the stove where a pot of homemade chai is waiting.

The lip color featured in the clip might be just a filter, but the social media footage could mark the first time that someone was able to wear a face mask without messing up their lipstick.

Instagram: @kendalljenner

Unfortunately, Kendall's quick BTS beauty footage doesn't reveal which Lip Kit she prefers to use IRL, but her method of using filters to try on lip color does give us a potential idea for future swatching. Of course, with Kylie's products now officially in Ulta stores, we could also always ditch the filters and head straight for the real stuff.

This isn't the first time that Kendall inspired us with a unique method of skincare. She previously demonstrated how she places masks on other parts of her body to combat dry skin, telling followers of her social media app that she prefers this method before any major appearance. She's even shared a DIY recipe for a hair mask, and used affordable everyday ingredients to increase her shine.

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