Military Manpower Administration plans on notifying Seungri of delayed enlistment date later in June

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On May 16, representatives from the Military Manpower Administration addressed former Big Bang member Seungri’s upcoming mandatory enlistment, which has been delayed in light of his ‘Burning Sun‘ investigations.

The MMA rep stated, “It’s not true that Seungri is enlisting this June 25. As of now, that is the date until which his enlistment has been delayed. By June 25, the MMA will send Seungri another enlistment summons date.” 

The rep continued, “Once Seungri receives his new summons date, he can decide to request another delay or not.” 

The former singer is currently facing approximately 4 different criminal charges, including conciliating prostitution services for his clients, embezzlement, violation of food sanitation laws, and soliciting prostitution personally. However, back on May 14, the Seoul Central District Court dismissed police’s arrest warrant request toward Seungri, on the basis that the arrest warrant request included several disputable clauses.

Meanwhile, it’s reported that Seungri is eligible to request another 3 months of delay in his mandatory enlistment after June 25, in the case that his criminal investigation is still ongoing. 


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