Netizens react to former Crayon Pop member Ellin's admission in participating in a 1 Billion KRW ($863,000) romance scam

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Former Crayon Pop member Ellin has been under heavy controversy after she admitted to being a part of a 1 billion KRW (~$863,000) romance scam.

Netizens are quick to react after she uploaded an apology video, especially stating that Ellin clearly was showing some attitude throughout the apology video. Comments include: 

“The funny thing is she apologizes but doesn’t say anything about returning the money. And she denied everything at first but apologized after she was threatened with more reveals.”

“So she admits that she’s a snake and still earns 1 billion KRW?”

“Her apology broadcast is more like a make people angry broadcast. She keeps sighing and reading the script as if she’s forced to do so. A truly scary person.”

“Is she kidding? She steals 1 billion KRW and then releases a 3-minute apology? People like her need to be forgotten.”

“She makes it so obvious she doesn’t want to apologize throughout the entire video.” 

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