Nick – the man who 'invented' murderous Westminster VIP child abuse ring – is a paedophile himself, court hears

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He told the court: "It all suggests that he also wants to be a part of it, and so he talked about it to the Metropolitan Police, intending for them to take it seriously and enable him to continue to do so."

Beech’s ‘fugitive’ life in Sweden

The court heard how when his "lies began to unravel" Mr Beech moved to Sweden, where he planned to start a new life.

In January 2018 he received almost £60,000 from the NHS as an early retirement pension with an additional £752 per month.

The court heard how he paid £17,000 for a remote property in a forested area of Sweden called Overkalix.

Mr Badenoch said he then began preparing for his life as a "fugitive" by changing his name and growing a beard.