NU'EST are ready to make a bold confession in comeback MV for 'Love Me'

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NU’EST has made their second comeback of the year!

On October 21 at 6 PM KST, the group released their seventh mini album ‘The Table,’ featuring the title track “Love Me.” The album has the theme of good friends sitting around a table and enjoying a meal while having relatable conversations about love and the many emotions and memories surrounding it.

“Love Me” is an alternative house meets urban R&B track that matches the feelings of falling in love with a sweet yet refined sound. The lyrics contain the emotions of a man who wants to be more upfront and honest about his emotions in front of the object of his desire.

Meanwhile, Baekho is appearing not only as a singer, but a producer, songwriter, and arranger for the album, while JR and Minhyun have lent their songwriting talents to the album as well.

Check out the music video for “Love Me” above!


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