Opinion: Hong Kong wants democracy

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Opinion: Hong Kong wants democracy

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Opinion: Hong Kong wants democracy
Opinion: Hong Kong wants democracy. imago images / ZUMA Press
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Hong Kong’s people impressively show the world how important it is to fight for democracy. In the academic year 2017/2018 I was a visiting scholar at Hong Kong City University and witnessed how the mood deteriorated from month to month and people became more despondent. The actors of the 2014 “umbrella” movement ― students around Joshua Wong who had demonstrated for democracy ― were sentenced to prison during this period.

It is important to stress again and again that they only demand exactly what the Communist leadership in Beijing agreed to. The Treaty on the Return of Hong Kong to the People’s Republic and the Basic Law, Hong Kong’s constitution, states explicitly that Hong Kong can operate within China according to the principle of “one country, two systems” ― in other words, it can be democratic in its own right.

But by now, President Xi has shown in word and deed that he does not want to adhere to the agreed rules. China has therefore also been disavowed internationally as a reliable contractual partner.

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Potential loss of supervision over its own laws

It was only because of this behavior that the student protest movement was formed in the first place. At the moment over a million people in Hong Kong are demonstrating against Xi Jinping and the Communist nomenklatura, because the rights of Hong Kong are to be undermined again and again: People are now to be deported from Hong Kong to China for legal proceedings, which was previously only possible after sentencing them to a certain amount of time in prison.

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