Park Han Byul to remain in the drama 'Love In Sadness' despite her husband's scandal

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Park Han Byul is remaining on the cast of MBC weekend drama ‘Love In Sadness.’

Viewers demanded the actress leave the cast after it was revealed her husband Yoo In Suk, also the CEO of Yuri Holdings, is involved in the ongoing scandal with Big Bang‘s SeungriJung Joon Young, and more.


On March 15, Park Han Byul’s agency, Fly Up Entertainment, explained the drama filming is almost complete and she plans to stay until the end. 

The agency also stated, “We have not had any discussions regarding her departure with the producers. We’ve also confirmed with MBC once again. It’s an issue involving her husband, not Park Han Byul herself. We’re cautious because it’s her personal matters but please watch her till the end.” 


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