Police answer why they didn't immediately arrest Jung Joon Young when he arrived in Korea

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On March 12, Jung Joon Young halted filming for tvN‘s ‘Wheeled Restaurant‘ in the United States and abruptly flew back to Korea to participate in the police investigation for illegal filming and distribution. 

Two days later on the 14th, Jung appeared at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Office for police questioning. 

Many questioned why the singer was not immediately arrested at the airport. The police also did not receive search and seizure warrants until the 15th. With rumors on police ties to Seungri and Jung’s cases, many accused the police of allowing Jung the time to destroy evidence. 

In regards to the accusations, the police explained they did not immediately arrest Jung because he already expressed the desires for “voluntary attendance.”

Netizens are continuing to heavily criticize, commenting, “I am seriously very curious. Why are they so easy on him!” “Corruption obviously. I’m the most suspicious about the police at this point,” “The police is on their side.”


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