Powerhouse Youtuber Wengie Releases K-Pop Inspired Track

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Following International Women’s Day, highly successful Youtuber, singer, dancer, and beauty guru, Wengie, has released a music video for her new self-love promoting song, “Lace Up“. 

Written by Melanie Fontana, who serves as a songwriter for tracks like BTS “Euphoria” and TxT “Crown,” and her husband and producer Lindgren, “Lace Up” tells the story of being taken for granted in a relationship and learning one’s own self-worth from that process. Wengie has never been shy when it comes to her love of choreography and elaborate concepts. Inspired by K-Pop’s ability to transcend audible limitations with visual stimulation, fashion, and style, the entire production is elevated to a multi-sensory experience. Wengie is able to manipulate her K-Pop influences and apply them to her own songs to create a unique pop sound that is undeniably: Wengie.

The music video takes on the concept of self-worth in a playful way by employing some very familiar faces to compete against each other in a girls versus boys baseball game! Wengie, supported by an all-star cast of influencers, musicians, and producers, took her passion for K-Pop and applied it to her own art. Matt Steffanina, who taught Wengie dance for her first YouTube rewind in 2017 makes a cameo along with Rebecca Zamolo and CloeCouture, both notable style icons Wengie has collaborated with. 

Wengie didn’t hesitate to leave out the love for her fellow musicians including Jessica Reynoso, the new Black Eyed Peas front woman and Latina star, Sharlene. Fans of K-Pop dance will also recognize viral sensation, SusieMeoww. If you’re sharp, you might even notice two Easter eggs indicating future collaborations on the horizon with the cameos from electronic music producer and button-pusher extraordinaire, Shawn Wasabi, and songwriter, David Amber, the mind behind TWICE songs like “Yes or Yes” and “Heart Shaker”.

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