SBS 'Unanswered Questions' to cover issues surrounding Sulli's passing next week + netizens debate

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Netizens are debating over SBS‘s decision to broadcast an episode of ‘Unanswered Questions‘ to the late Sulli.

On November 9, the investigative television series released a preview of next week’s episode that will raise unanswered questions behind the recent passing of the late celebrity. Titled ‘The Rumor of the Rumor of the Rumor, Who Killed Jin Li‘, the episode will explore the program’s attempts to uncover the truth behind what exactly could have led to such tragic outcomes.

In the preview, the segments hinted at broadcasting various interviews with individuals from the entertainment scene, as well as with a man claiming to be Sulli’s ex-boyfriend and an anonymous person presumed to be one of the “hate commenters“.

The related person in the entertainment scene reveals that there were “rumors too difficult to even utter,” meanwhile the alleged ex-boyfriend in a certain video addresses Sulli and says, “I can never forget you either.” On the other hand, an anonymous person who admits to having left negative comments on Sulli’s page replies to questions of guilt by saying, “It’s not cursing, is it. It’s not like I told her to die. I don’t care if she is dies or not.” 

Following the release of this preview, netizens are debating whether it is disrespectful to cover on the matter so shortly after the incident. 

Some who are against the program also argue that these types of broadcasts may lead to “even more rumors to spread,” while others who are in support of the program write, “as long as the family of the deceased agreed to this, then the broadcast should be accepted.”

Other comments include:

It is way too early to broadcast this. How will the family members feel?
Isn’t ‘Unanswered Questions’ also using the late Sulli?

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