Seoul Police are Still Harassing Burning Sun Whistleblower Kim Sang Kyo

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“I just don’t want the police cars to keep showing up at my place.”

Kim Sang Kyo, the victim who helped the whole Burning Sun scandal unfold by reporting his encounter with the club and the physical assault he endured at the club, recently shared on his Instagram that the South Korean police force is constantly harassing him and trying to stop him from spreading more news.

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He updated a short video of a police van parked outside his house and commented that seeing the police logo makes him want to vomit.

The text within the video reads, “I want them out of my sight from my own home.”

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경찰 마크만 봐도 토할꺼 같다 #꺼졌으면 . . 특이한건 3달동안 잠수탔던 화류계관련 제보자의 합의하라는 회유 전화를 받고 있었다. 추가로 방송은 어디까지 준비했고 어디까지 하려하는지 물었다. 그 들은 무너져도 다시 어떤 방법을 써서라도 일어 설거니 그만 하라했다. . . 나는 관심없다 내손을 떠났다. 집앞에 오지 않았으면 한다 경찰차는

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In the caption, Kim Sang Kyo additionally explained that he has been receiving phone calls for the past three months that threatened him to “stop everything and move on”.

Just looking at the police logo makes me want to vomit. #PleaseGTFO. What’s weird is that I’ve been getting phone calls from the club insider that shared the intel then disappeared into thin air for the past three months. I’ve been asked to drop charges and move on.

— Kim Sang Kyo

Kim Sang Kyo also pointed out that he is continuously being asked about what he is doing. He made it clear that he was uncomfortable getting these phone calls and seeing the police cars camping out by his house. Koreans believe this to be the police pressuring Kim Sang Kyo to stop acting against them.

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