Seungri criticized for getting 'pissed off' at a reporter who interrupted his speech

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Seungri is receiving even more criticism for his displeasing expression. 

On March 14, Seungri attended police questioning at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Office. Before heading into the building, Seungri stood in front of a crowd of reporters. He delivered an apology speech and vowed to participate in the investigation diligently with truthful answers.”

In the middle of this speech, a female reporter chimed in with a question, asking, “Do you still believe the KakaoTalk messages were fabricated?”

Seungri did not provide an answer, but only slowly closed his eyes. 

Netizens criticized Seungri for getting “pissed off” when he should be sincerely apologetic. Comments stated, “You can just tell he’s just pissed. He is not sorry at all,” “That kind of facial expression is so inappropriate in this situation,” “It’s either he’s pissed or he forgot the lines he memorized,” “What a scumbag.”


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