Seungri refuses to hand over his phone + Jung Joon Young turns in a new phone to the police

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Around 10 am KST on March 14, Jung Joon Young attended police questioning for allegations on illegal filming and distribution of unconsented content. About 4 hours later, Big Bang‘s Seungri also arrived to participate in the investigation involving bribery, prostitution, and police corruption. 

Both singers delivered an apology and promised to participate in the investigation diligently with truthful answers.”

However, it’s reported the police had trouble obtaining their cell phones – the most critical evidence needed for their case. 

According to Chosun, Seungri refused to turn in his phone, while Jung Joon Young did hand in his phone but a new one that was active for only 2 weeks. Jung reportedly claimed, “I switched to a new phone 2 weeks ago.”

Netizens are heavily criticizing Seungri and Jung Joon Young, commenting, “What happened to cooperating in the investigation with honesty?” “A new phone of 2 weeks? Are you serious? He must be enjoying the situation. What a psychopath,” “The police just can’t sit and wait for them to turn it in! They have to confiscate it from them,” “I thought he had multiple phones and out of all, he hands in the new one. Wow.”


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