Solar tears up talking about how she was harsh on her members as the leader

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Solar opened up about her hardships as the leader of MAMAMOO. 

On the March 14 airing of tvN‘s ‘Life Bar,’ Solar shared, “I started training at an old age. I was 22. I’m the youngest at home and was youngest everywhere I went but I was the oldest unnie when I came here. It was so unfamiliar.”

As the oldest member, Solar was told to lead the group by her agency. However, Solar didn’t know how to due to her lack of experience. She ended up being harsh to her members. 

Solar said, “I’ve never really complimented my members, especially Hwa Sa.” Due to Solar’s harshness, Hwa Sa once even asked her, “Unnie do you hate me?” 

Hwa Sa explained, “We collided often. I didn’t know that unnie is a person who also needs guidance. But now I understand.”

Solar got teary talking about Hwa Sa’s success with her recent solo “Twit,” and shared she broke down in tears when she saw Hwa Sa take #1. 


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