Taemin opens up about having thoughts about Jonghyun + SHINee promoting as 4 members

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In an interview for his 2nd solo mini album ‘Want,’ Taemin opened up about the late SHINee member Jonghyun.

It’s been a bit over a year since Jonghyun tragically passed away. Regarding his absence, Taemin said, “From time to time, I suddenly feel his emptiness. It comes to mind out of nowhere.” Taemin explained he’s okay and has got himself together now, however, “he suddenly comes to mind sometimes.”

Taemin also talked about SHINee promoting as a 4-member group. He said, “Last year, SHINee released 3 albums. We were more like, ‘Let’s show rather than hide.’ We (the members) told one another that we will be the same so we want people to treat us the same too.”


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