Taemin shares what he, Kai, Jimin, and Ha Sung Woon enjoy doing when hanging out together

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SHINee‘s Taemin talked about his close idol friends. 

In an interview about his solo comeback with “Want,” Taemin shared how his idol friends reacted to the new release. He said, “Kai told me it’s far better than the demo. Jimin always tells me that I seem to know what I’m doing. Sung Woon always compliments me, saying I’m cool. He also jokingly says that I’m a super senior. But when we are all together, we don’t really talk about work that much.”

Taemin added“Everyone’s busy so it’s hard to all get together nowadays but we did meet on January 1. We tend to fall for the same hobbies. If we get into mafia games, then we play mafia game for hours. Currently, we’re into card games so we play cards whenever we get together.”


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