Teen activist Zuriel Oduwole: 'Education is more than learning in class'

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Teen activist Zuriel Oduwole: ‘Education is more than learning in class’

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Teen activist Zuriel Oduwole: Education is more than learning in class
Teen activist Zuriel Oduwole: ‘Education is more than learning in class’. DW
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Forbes Magazine lists Zuriel Oduwole as one of Africa’s most influential women. Her Dream Up, Speak Up, Stand Up (DUSUSU) project aims at encouraging African girls to get an education. She is also a budding filmmaker and the brains behind the DUSUSU Awards which recognizes first ladies and gender ministers who do more to promote the education of girls.

DW: Zuriel, how did you manage to achieve all this at such a young age?

Zuriel Oduwole: When I was nine, I entered a national competition here in the United States on behalf of my school. Basically, students were asked to create a documentary on a revolution that happened in history. A lot of my fellow students were doing things, either in the United States, in Europe or even Asia, so I thought how about I do something different and do a documentary on the African continent.

I did a lot of research and I found out that the Ghana revolution was one of the most successful held on the continent. So I decided that would be my topic. So I went to Ghana to shoot some scenes for my documentary but also I was there to meet with president Jerry Rawlings because he was the one who started the revolution.

While in Ghana for that film project, that’s when I first saw with my own eyes girls who are just like me, similar ages. I saw them out on the streets instead of being in school and getting an education. So when I got home from that trip I took some time to think about what I can do to maybe try and help get those girls back into school. When I was 10 years old, I started my Dream Up, Speak Up, Stand Up project and that’s my education program where basically I try to get more girls on the African continent into schools.

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