Teen activist Zuriel Oduwole: 'Education is more than learning in class'

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Your latest project is grooming girls in filmmaking. Tell us more about it.

I first started it when I was 13 years old in Namibia, and that was just my pilot project. I taught some girls and youth – 25 and under. I taught them some basic filmmaking skills because I believe that education isn’t just learning in the classroom, it’s also about learning skills that you can use to benefit yourself. And so because I’m a filmmaker, I can teach other youth in Africa to tell their stories. And if they can, make a living off of filmmaking.

So I started in Namibia and I’ve now done it in Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and Ethiopia. Those are just a few countries where I have done this entire project. And the coolest part is the first filmmaking class that I did in Namibia when I was 13 years old. Just nine months after that first class, one of the girls who attended actually created her first documentary on her country to tell a children’s story and she was even shopping around a local news network too which I think was really cool. It encouraged me to continue because it shows that the filmmaking class that I’m doing is having an impact on the lives of the youth I’m teaching.

What are your future plans?

I’ll continue with my filmmaking class because I’ve seen the successful stories. I will continue to teach students how to tell positive African stories and also to tell their own stories. I’ll also continue with my DUSUSU Awards to recognize African first ladies and gender ministers. I am going to continue speaking with presidents and prime ministers about the importance of education and trying to get more girls into schools.

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