TS Entertainment denies Hyosung's claims that legal disputes have come to an end

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Shortly after Hyosung’s legal representative delivered an official statement to the press on August 14, her former label TS Entertainment has stepped up with a completely different stance. 

Earlier, Hyosung’s side claimed that all legal disputes involving Hyosung and TS Entertainment have come to an end. However, according to TS Entertainment, “The court’s advisory to come to a settlement from back in July was specifically regarding the ruling that the exclusive contract between us and Jeon Hyosung is now invalid. However, the court also advised that any arguments involving specific segments of the exclusive contract should be resolved in a separate legal case.”

TS continued, “From the claims that Jeon Hyosung made during the first court hearing, the only argument that we agreed on was the ‘failure to provide documentation of payments’. The remainder of her arguments including ‘failure to pay artist with proper payment’, ‘transferring management rights to a third party’, ‘right to explanations and agreement regarding contracts’, and more were dismissed by the court. As a result, the label plans on filing a separate lawsuit regarding these blames soon. In addition, we plan to take legal action against Jeon Hyosung for her false claims regarding our label.”


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