WINNER answer if they were affected by the recent crisis in YG + plans to release 2 EPs this year

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On May 16, WINNER sat down for a roundtable interview in light of their comeback with their 2nd mini album, ‘WE‘. 

Shortly after the mini album’s release on May 15, WINNER’s comeback title track “Ah Yeah” topped various realtime music charts. During this press interview, the press asked the members of WINNER if they were affected by the recent crisis within YG Entertainment, which occurred in the midst of the group’s comeback preparations. 

The members answered, “We don’t think we were affected by it much.” Kang Seung Yoon added on, “We tend to just head straight to the recording studios to work. It’s not that we were mentally stressed or pressured, but we just immersed ourselves into our work because we wanted to let our fans listen to our songs as soon as possible. Regarding the chaotic situation, we did not receive any special instructions.” 

Next, member Song Min Ho unveiled some of WINNER’s grand goals for 2019. “Including the latest comeback, we are aiming toward two EP releases if possible, then compiling both together into a full-length album. We wished to be so busy in 2019 that our bodies would break, and it seems plausible. We have a tightly-packed schedule in the latter half of the year. Personally, I also hope that we can have a chance to showcase our talents through solo opportunities,” the idol relayed. 

Have you listened to WINNER’s new track “Ah Yeah”?


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