WINNER give a witty response to a question on the negatives of YG Entertainment

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WINNER talked about the good and bad of YG Entertainment.

On May 16, WINNER engaged in an interview at Conrad Hotel in Seoul to share about their new album ‘WE.’

The members cautiously yet honestly handled questions about their agency that has been swept up in multiple controversies lately. The members revealed they were not affected by the ongoing issues. Kang Seung Yoon also said, “WINNER wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for YG. The positives of being a YG artist is that my skills improved a lot. That is a huge positive aspect. I’m not sure about the negatives (of YG Entertainment).”

On the same topic, Lee Seung Hoon gave a witty response, stating, “I think how questions on our agency make us startled sometimes is the negative (of YG Entertainment).”


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