Woody faces sajaegi accusations after 'Fire Up' takes #1 on 'Inkigayo' and music charts

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Singer Woody is facing sajaegi accusations for “Fire Up.”

Around 3 pm KST on February 11, “Fire Up” placed #1 on major music charts including MelonBugsOlleh MusicGenie Music, and Soribada. The song was also #3 on Naver Music and Mnet Music‘s real-time charts. 

In addition, a day earlier on February 10, “Fire Up” managed to win #1 on SBS‘ ‘Inkigayo‘ with a total score of 5,790. He received zero points in the album sales and on-air category but received over 5,500 points in digital single sales. 


Netizens became suspicious of Woody’s success, especially since “Fire Up” is unfamiliar to many. It’s also claimed his rise on the music charts was abrupt, similar to the singers like Nilo and Shaun who were accused of sajaegi in the past. 

Comments stated, “Congratulations. The system made the #1 for you,” “Who the hell is Woody?” “Nobody knows who he is,” “The song became #1 overnight,” “The only Woody I know is from ‘Toy Story,” “Sajaegi everywhere,” “The song is not even that good but it’s annoying because it keeps getting #1.”


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