X-EXO KAI dominates over EXO KAI. 30 hours left to choose your Kai. Vote! @exoonearewe

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The EXO comeback competition has started! The group that will win will receive bonus content. The voting updates every 6 hours on the mobile version of the @exoonearewe website. At the moment EXO Kai is leading with 3.8M votes(comments,re-tweets, likes, and engagement) and X-EXO Kai is losing with over 1M votes. Considering voters are supposed to engage with a new account,X-EXO Kai’svote progress is not bad but not enough to beat an account with millions of followers.

I choose my side you choose yours! Vote X-EXO Kai and here are the tweets for his teaser! If you want X-EXO Kai to win comment, re-tweet and like X-EXOs twitter content and X-EXO tweets from today. Next update in 5 hours! Do you think the villain will win for once? Share your opinion and winner down below!

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