X1 and IZ*ONE labels get together discuss disbandment – CJ to make final decision soon

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X1 and IZ*ONE labels have recently got together to discuss possible disbandment.

According to one of the labels, the general consensus seems to be that the groups can no longer promote. The label of an  IZ*ONE member said, “As the controversy around vote manipulation gets worse, the members are getting more and more anxious. We have calmed them down for now, but the general consensus was that we can no longer promote. It is also such a big situation socially, so we are looking closely at the event. The final decision is up to CJ ENM. Because the strong consensus is that we can no longer promote, a decision will be made soon regardless of the police investigations.” X1 is so far carrying out overseas schedules as that were already set, but is expected to be unable to promote further.

Some of the labels are suggesting that the members that were part of the manipulation be eliminated and the group go on without them, but that could lead to misunderstandings, and the overriding opinion was that the group should be disbanded. The label of an X1 member said, “There is a flood of demands saying that the group is a manipulated one, and so are some of the members. In the course of the investigations, the worst situation may come where the name of the members who benefitted are revealed. We must stop promotions to block any more damage.


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