Yang Hyun Suk & Seungri booked for habitual gambling allegations + facing additional bookings

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On August 14, representatives from the Seoul District Police office confirmed in a press statemeint, “We have booked former head producer Yang Hyun Suk and Seungri for allegations of habitual gambling, based on internal tips. We plan to begin investigations per procedure.” 

Police reps also added on, “We are currently overlooking the possibility of additional bookings for violation of the Foreign Exchange Transaction Act. We cannot reveal any more details such as the number of times they potentially exchanged currency illegally, as there are also suspicions of eliminating evidence.”

Previously, Yang Hyun Suk was also accused of using ‘Hwanchigi‘, or receiving money in a foreign country then promising to pay the amount back in Korea, violating laws regarding how much cash international travelers can carry at a time. 


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