Yuri says she was upset Girls' Generation's Taeyeon didn't read her comments?

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Yuri revealed she was upset Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon didn’t read her comments.

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On the October 11th episode of ‘Lee Soo Ji’s Gayo Plaza‘, DJ Lee Soo Ji¬†brought up the Girls’ Generation members’ loyalty to each other, and Taeyeon’s support of Yuri’s solo debut with “Into You“. Yuri said, “Taeyeon turned on all my songs during her social media live stream and helped promote them.”

She continued, “I was busy getting ready to perform on a music show, but I wanted to show her I was grateful and started leaving comments. She was so into DJ-ing my songs that she didn’t read my comments. At first, I wrote, ‘Taeyeon, thank you,’ and then at the end, I posted, ‘Hey. Why aren’t you reading my comments?’”

Yuri added, “Taeyeon has such a good voice, and her vocal powers are good. She sang my songs, and it made me think, ‘She’s better than me? Stop now.’ Taeyeon also advised me to do something fit for Girls’ Generation, and Tiffany¬†told me she was proud. It really made me feel supported.”


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