Eli & Kiseop confirm their departure from U-KISS and NH EMG

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On May 16, U-KISS’s label NH EMG relayed an official statement in regard to the expiration of Eli and Kiseop’s contracts. 

The label stated, “The exclusive contracts of U-KISS members Eli and Kiseop with NH EMG have come to an end, and their contracts with Japanese promotion label ‘Avex‘ have also come to an end. After a lengthy discussing with both members, who promoted as members of U-KISS for a very long time, we have come to an agreement not to renew.”

NH EMG continued, “U-KISS members Soohyun and Hoon, who still have time left in their exclusive contracts, are doing their best in their mandatory duties to the nation each in the army and the navy, and maknae Jun plans on continuing his solo promotions through musicals, dramas, and more. Finally, we would like to thank fans for sending their encouragements toward U-KISS and for loving the group for a long time, and we want to cheer on Eli and Kiseop in their future paths.”

Meanwhile, U-KISS’s Jun was recently cast as a male lead in OCN‘s upcoming drama ‘Mister Contract Employee‘. Best of luck to Eli and Kiseop moving forward. 


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