Som Hae In responds to malicious commenters after coming out as bisexual

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Som Hae In has responded sternly and strongly to haters who are commenting maliciously on her relationship after she revealed that she was bisexual. 

The former ‘Idol School’ contestant recently came out on Instagram and revealed that she had a girlfriend. Netizens have been making malicious and unnecessary comments asking whether her parents knew and began to speculate that Som Hae In’s girlfriend was a man because of her short hair. 

Som Hae In has responded sternly to malicious comments, stating: 

“If you continue to upload speculative articles and videos, I will take legal action. 

I came out because I am proud of who I love, and there is nothing wrong with coming out. I didn’t do this to attract attention. Who comes out with such little thought? 

You can have different opinions and hate homosexuals. Yes. You can hate us. Those are our unique values and I’m not ordering you to like it or accept it. I’m not begging you to like me or understand me and I didn’t expect to gain this much interest. I just don’t want to hide the fact that I’m in love and dating like everyone else. 

I hope that my girlfriend doesn’t get hurt and want to protect her, so if you keep uploading speculative articles, videos, and clickbait, I will have no choice but to protect the person I love using legal methods.

Stop it.”

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